Cabaret Club Casino makes a commitment to ensure they do every thing possible to ensure players experience a fun environment, while accepting that gambling activity can be a problem for a small percentage of gamers. To guarantee that you continue to enjoy safe and manageable gaming, we fully support Responsible Gaming and have options in effect to offer checks. Click here for more information.

Verify Me - Identity Checks

The comprehensive measures we take to secure that only people of legal age enter Cabaret Club Online Casino include using VerifyMe. VerifyMe is a global anti-fraud service, using government issued database checks, algorithms and Internet-based signatures to verify the age and identity of new gamers. Details requested by Cabaret Club Casino are only to check and verify your identity; this precaution protects you and that of the Casino. 
If you still have queries or questions, our customer service team is happy to help and you can contact us 24 hours a day.

Please note; for shared computers with family or associates who are below the legal age of gaming participation, you can opt to restrict their access to this website – please click here to register with our filtering service.

Protection of Minors

Safe gambling requires responsible parenting to prevent easy Internet access being abused by minors. Cabaret Club Casino promotes the use of filtering software to guard against minors accessing inappropriate electronic material. Underage gambling is not only illegal, but can also result in gambling addictions and serious gambling debts incurred by unsupervised minors.

Tips for Parents:

Other Important Tips:

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, consider aid from any one of these organizations:
  *  Gamblers Anonymous:
  *  National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700
  *  GamCare (UK Based) Helpline: 0845-6000-13

Self Exclusion

If you would like to self-exclude yourself from our Casino, please contact support and state how long you would like to be excluded for. Please note: the minimum 'Self Exclusion' period is 6 months. 

Cooling Off Period

Should you wish to temporarily exclude yourself from our Casino, please contact support directly and state exactly how long you want to be excluded for. Please note: the minimum 'Cooling Off' period is 24 hours and the maximum period is 6 months. 

If you want to request a deposit limit, please contact us and an operator will deal with your request. The decrease of deposit limits are available per day, per week and per month. Your requests shall be dealt with timeously by an operator. Increases in previously decreased deposit limit requests shall only be effective after 24 hours.

Gambling Questionnaire:

Do you feel that gambling affects your work?

Have you argued with friends or family about how much you gamble before?

Do people ever refer to you as a gambler or know you as one?

Do you feel guilty when you gamble and lose a lot of money?

Do you see gambling as a source of income?

Do you feel like you have to return to win back your losses after losing?

Is gambling the only thing you really want to win at?

Does winning inspire you to play until you win more?

Have you ever gambled till you’ve run out of cash before?

Have you had to borrow money in order to pay for gambling sessions?

Would you sell something personal for money to gamble with?

Do you consider ‘gambling money’ as excluded from normal household expenditure?

Does gambling literally mean everything to you?

Do you often gamble for longer than you thought you would?

Do you consider gambling to be an escape from stress?

Would you steal or commit an illegal act in order to raise money for your gambling?

Is your gambling a cause of worry and stress which affects all aspects of your life?

When having a hard day at work, do you get the urge to gamble?

Have you ever celebrated any good news by going gambling?

Does your gambling make you feel like escaping your life to the extent of considering suicide?

If your answer to seven or more of these questions was, ‘YES’, you should consider speaking to a professional as listed below:


National Council on Problem Gambling: 1-800-522-4700 or

Gamblers Anonymous:

GamCare (UK-based): 0-845-600-0133 or


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