Take Your Pick of the Thrills

There are many different ways to add to the intensity of Blackjack, and it would be a shame to miss out on what they have to offer. At our mobile casino, you can find editions that provide you with an array of possibilities.

Our collection includes titles based on the European variation that deals the hole card at the end of the round, and those based on the American one. The latter deals the hole card at the beginning. You can also find games that use a single deck of cards, as well as those that use other numbers in the shoe.

What’s more, there are slightly different rules used in different online Blackjack titles for mobile. One might require the dealer to stand on a hard 17, another will allow you to re-split split hands, and yet another will let you place insurance bets.


Playing On Mobile Devices

If you have ever played 21 in a brick-and-mortar venue, you will know how easy it is. Trying to beat the dealer is even easier when you do it on smartphone and tablet.

2 cards will come your way when you place a bet. The dealer will also receive the required number of cards. If your hand does not score a Blackjack or 21 points, you can try win with it anyway, you can increase the score with more cards, or you can split your cards and turn them into 2 new hands. This can be done by hitting, doubling, or splitting. You will find out the dealer’s score, as well as the winner of the game, after you make a move.

Win Large Payouts

Play 21 at our mobile casino or play live dealer games that include 21, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette, and your bets could result in NZ$ winnings. The game offers payouts of different sizes, depending on how you win a round.

If you were dealt a natural Blackjack, you will be paid out 3:2, whereas a win with less than 21 points pays out 1:1, doubling your money. See if you can beat the dealer at Cabaret Club!