A Feast of Baccarat Action

Most Kiwis know the game by the name of Baccarat, but in some places, it is called Punto Banco or Chemin de fer. Whatever it’s called, it offers thrills like no other.

Our mobile casino features different versions, so you can find the rules and style that best suit you. You may also see that, whereas in some titles, the hands are called the Player and the Banker, in others, the former may be Punto, and the latter, Banco. Such differences are cosmetic, and do not change how you play the game. If you want to face a professional dealer at a real, bean-shaped table, you can do it at our live casino using your smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can also play Blackjack, Roulette and Poker in this format, or you can opt for the traditional Pokies we have to offer. It’s all here!


Playing the Game

You are not required to make any moves when you play Baccarat. This makes it arguably one of the easiest options for online gambling NZ enthusiasts when on the move.

Despite the names of the hands, you can back either one of them to win, or you can put your money on the round ending in a tie. Both hands will get 2 cards, and that’s when things start getting intense at our mobile casino.

If the Player scored 5 points or less, the hand must hit and get another card. If it scored between 6 and 9, it must stay to be compared with the Banker to determine the winner. Hands win with a maximum of 9 points.

Huge Potential Rewards

Baccarat’s potential to offer huge online casino payouts is another reason for its popularity among players in New Zealand. Each bet offers unique rewards.

If you bet on the Player and the hand wins, it pays out 1:1. The Banker will pay out the same, but less 5% commission. If you bet the hands will tie, and they do, your bet will be paid out at 8:1. Enjoy the best in mobile and live casino action at Cabaret Club!