The Basics of Playing Poker

Much like in Blackjack, live Poker pits you against the dealer, rather than other players. Most 5-card variants let you improve your score after the initial deal, and before the winner is determined.

The casino games you can play with our dealers via video streaming use either the 5-card draw, or the 3-card draw. Some options that use the first start you off with 2 cards, which can be expanded on as community cards are dealt in different betting stages. Others deal 5 to you when you place your ante bet.

At 3-card tables, you get 3 cards, and then need to decide whether to raise or fold. Regardless of the draw used, the dealer’s hand will have one or more hole cards that are turned face-up only when the winner must be determined. Experience the challenging yet rewarding online gambling NZ offered with us.

Find Your Favourite Variants

Poker gameplay is wonderfully versatile. With a few tweaks here and there, one variant can give rise to others, each of which has something special to offer.

Our live casino is where you can find New Zealand’s hottest tables at which to play vintage and modern classics. If you are new to the game, or simply want to relax with some great gaming, there are Three-Card and Caribbean Stud tables. They’re perfect places to get used to the basics of play as well as hand rankings – and you can even have the option of placing side bets.

For more intense online gambling NZ experiences, see if you can handle our Ultimate Texas Hold’em or Casino Hold’em dealers. You get to enjoy chances to win with 5 cards, and by placing bonus bets.

Play for Real Money Safely

Immerse yourself in the excitement and sociability of playing Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Pokies and other casino games at Cabaret Club. Sign up to create an account so you can be part of the action with our dealers and other Kiwi players, and start playing to win!