Play Your Hand

No one’s being a joker when they say online Blackjack is not an easy game to master. What they might not tell you is that it’s easy to learn the basics.

21 is the best your hand can score. You will get 2 cards when you place a bet and, depending on the rules in play, the dealer will get 1 or 2 cards. Both of yours are dealt face-up.

Either way, if you were not dealt a hand automatically worth 21, known as a Blackjack, you need to decide what to do about your hand. If you think your score still has a chance, stand to play what you have.

If you think you can bring the score closer to 21, if not achieve it, hit for another card. If you’re certain another card will help you win, double your bet and take another. If you were dealt 2 like cards, you can split them, add a new card to each, and form 2 new hands. You will find out if your efforts were successful.


Enjoy Unique Gaming

Evolution Gaming is famous for bringing variety to the world of live casino gaming. Its Blackjack offerings provide you with ample opportunity for pulse-racing action in unique ways.

Stand, hit, or double with comfortable betting limits in a friendly atmosphere at the standard tables. Fancy playing with big money for chances of even bigger payouts? The VIP dealer is ready and waiting to give you a warm welcome. For action in a social setting unlike any other, you can shake your groove thing while placing bets at the Party table.

Indulge in the Best

We are not blowing our own trumpet when we say our live casino boasts New Zealand’s best online Blackjack games. The quality of Evolution Gaming’s offerings speaks for itself, and the Poker, Roulette and Baccarat tables are further proof of this.

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