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Having either the 3-card or the 5-card draw as its base can make a big difference to online Video Poker gameplay. Games based on the 3-card draw tend to be simpler, faster, and much more cut-throat.

Those based on the 5-card draw offer more room for employing strategy to swing a hand in your favour. Cabaret Club also boasts Kiwi Video Poker games that have multiple rounds, bonus bets, bonus payouts, and much more. Its variations are seemingly endless, which means there is plenty of fantastic gaming ahead of you.


Online Video Poker Basics

No matter what version of online Video Poker you choose, the basics of the game are so simple, you will be able to jump right in and start playing to win. Remember, 3-card games are all about luck, whereas 5-card games give you a chance to possibly improve the hand you were dealt.

Let’s say you decide to play a game based on the 3-card draw. The first thing you do, as always, is place your bet. 3 cards will appear in the columns on the screen. You then need to decide what your next move will be. If the hand matches a paytable hand, you can raise, and find out if you have won. If the hand is weak and probably doesn’t stand a chance, you can consider folding.

When you play 5-card online Video Poker at Cabaret Club’s New Zealand casino, you place a bet and receive 5 cards. Any cards that match a paytable hand will be held automatically. You then need to decide what to do with any remaining cards. If there are any you want to hold, click to tap them to select them. When you have made your selection, you can draw new cards to replace the cards you do not want. The hand that is formed when your new cards are dealt will then be checked against the paytable.

Playing Video Poker on a desktop or Android, iOS, or other smartphone or tablet is a lot like playing Pokies with playing cards. It’s fast, fun, and easy – what’s not to love?

Video Poker Bonus Features

Video Poker’s Pokies-inspired gameplay means it has room for all sorts of thrilling bonus features. A popular feature is Wild cards, which could be Jokers, numeric, or even court cards. Wilds can substitute for all other cards in the pack. Other features include optional side bets based on hands from other card games, bonus payouts for certain hands, and gamble features in which correctly guessing the colour and suit of a face-down card could double or quadruple your total winnings.

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How to Get Started

Put yourself on the path to New Zealand online Video Poker paradise by registering a real Cabaret Club Casino account if you do not already have one. You can do it in browser quick and easy Once you’ve logged in, you can deposit NZ$ into your account, get your Welcome Bonus, and start placing those Video Poker bets for your chance to win.