Online Roulette Basics

Online Roulette’s wheels and betting tracks could create the impression that the game is difficult to play. That is a misconception, of course, but it is unfortunately a common one. However, life, like Cabaret Club Casino, is full of surprises, and one of those is that the basics of Roulette are stylishly simple.

The most basic principle of all is that you guess where the white or silver ball to be dropped into the wheel will land. If you are feeling exceptionally brave, confident, or lucky, you can bet on a specific number. If you want to approach your betting a little more cautiously and enjoy an almost 50/50 chance of being right, you can bet on either red or black, odd or even, or on groups of higher or lower numbers.

Your bets are indicated by chips on the table’s betting track. The online Roulette wheel will start spinning when you have placed your bet, the ball will be dropped in, and the winning result will be announced when the wheel has come to a rest. For Kiwi players who know, Roulette’s sleek gameplay and intense thrills make it irresistible. Play even more rounds of the famous casino game with us, thanks to our generous bonuses and Loyalty Programme.


European, French, American Roulette

Roulette originated in France, and underwent major developments in gameplay, as well as in the layout of the wheel, in other parts of Europe and in North America. These big moments in the game’s history are why the 3 basic forms at the heart of New Zealand’s best quality online Roulette are the European, French, and American versions.

The European version is the game at its most basic, and features a wheel with red and black pockets numbered 1 to 36, and a single green pocket numbered 0. The French version uses the same style wheel, but features a second, smaller betting track with neighbour and call bets, as well as the La Partage rule that returns half of lost even-money bets to players. The American version of online Roulette has a wheel that also has 36 red and black pockets, but instead of one green pocket, it has 2, with the second being numbered 00. This presents you with a few extra betting options, as well as a higher house edge, making the game just that much trickier.

Try them out for yourself at Cabaret Club, and experience gaming with cosmopolitan flair.

Best Roulette Online and On Mobile

Cabaret Club puts the ultimate online and mobile Roulette at Kiwis’ fingertips. Every title offers a unique experience of the game, so you can find online Roulette with all its classic bets and features, and you can find exciting new editions with progressive jackpots and bonus bets. No matter what variation you feel like playing, we have the game for you.

Just some of the Roulette games popular with New Zealanders at our online casino include European Roulette Gold, French Roulette, American Roulette, and Roulette Royale, which boast an eye-popping progressive jackpot. Whether you use your desktop or your mobile device to play the game, you are assured of certified fair results, as well as 24-hour customer support and secure banking.