A Quick Look at Keno History

Cheung Leung, a well-known general in China, is the one we have to thank for the invention of Keno. His version made use of the Thousand Characters poem, a classic that taught children the Chinese alphabet.

General Leung needed to find a way to raise money for his many battles, and Keno was the perfect fit. Interestingly, after the funds the army needed had been put to use, there was quite a bit leftover, and legend is that Keno helped build the Great Wall of China!

Keno at Cabaret Club Casino

It is obvious that the rewards Keno is able to deliver are significant, and we ensure this is especially true when you play at Cabaret Club Casino.

The game has changed somewhat over the years, although the basics are the same, and instead of Chinese characters, you will be asked to choose up to 15 numbers from a pool of 80. Cabaret Club Casino has payouts as high as 95%, which means that striking it lucky is easy!

Once you have made your selection of numbers, Random Number Generators will select the winning ones in precisely the same manner a person would at a land-based venue. Your payouts will be calculated by how many of the numbers you chose were selected by the Random Number Generators and the amount of the bet you placed.

The Basics of This Exciting Casino Game

Keno is won purely by chance, and it makes for a nice change from casino games that require your steady attention as you apply strategy. The thrill of a win is hard to beat, and the payouts are impressive enough to suit all players!

The best advice when it comes to playing Keno and any of the other first-rate games we provide at Cabaret Club is that you keep playing, that you stick to your budget and that you have fun!

Experience is the best way to work out what strategy works for you, and the more you play, the more you will pick up patterns and such, along with your lucky numbers!


The Benefits of Playing at Cabaret Club

The automatic number selection for our Keno games is not available at land-based casinos -obviously. You can choose a Quick Pick, and see if the random arrangement of numbers works for you if you wish to.

You can also clear or unselect the numbers you have chosen, which comes in very handy for those of us who are prone to changing their minds at the last minute! You can clear any of the selected fields and start fresh as many times as you want to before you place your bet.

Keno is a game for everyone, and you don’t need any experience to rake in big wins! Sign up now for a Cabaret Club Casino account and find out why this instant win game is a Kiwi favourite.