Playing Craps Online

The name of the game comes from the French word crapaud, which means toad. The reason for naming a dice game after an amphibian is because, back in the days when it was common to play on sidewalks, passers-by said the crouching players looked like toads!

Thankfully, there is no need to crouch in a way that resembles anything when you play the game at Cabaret Club online. A luxurious table, traditional dice, chips, and even the classic betting track all appear in HD graphics. Throwing the dice is as easy as clicking or tapping the play button once you have placed a bet.

The right and left sides of the track feature Come/Don’t Come, Pass/Don’t Pass, and Odds bets, while all the prop bets are found in the centre of the betting track. Your bets are placed on the outcomes of rolls of 2 dice during the Come Out and Point phases in each round.

The first of those phases establishes the Point, a number that is essential during the next phase of the game. If you can go the distance, big, juicy NZ$ winnings could be yours.


Beginners’ Craps Tips

The intensity and complexity of Craps is both what makes it so appealing and so daunting to many players in New Zealand. We have no problem telling you that the game’s formidable reputation is well deserved, so here are some tips to help you get started.

The best bets to start with are the line bets Pass/Don’t Pass, and Come/Don’t Come. Not only are they the simplest of the bets, they also offer you chances to double your money. Another great aspect of placing these bets in particular is that, once you do, you can then also place an Odds bet, which also offers fantastic chances of winning. However, as you spend time at the tables, you will become more familiar with the game’s varied betting options, some of which are notoriously difficult but so very rewarding.

Craps does not offer the same kind of scope for strategic play as offered by card games, for example. However, when you shoot the dice at Cabaret Club, you can think about using a betting strategy to try maximising your potential winnings while minimizing potential losses. 

Craps Powered by Microgaming

Powered by Microgaming, an award-winning provider of online casino software, Cabaret Club proudly boasts the best games available in New Zealand. Cutting-edge tech offers you incredible visuals, music and sound effects that create the atmosphere you would expect in the pits at the world’s finest casinos, the game’s traditional betting options, and fair results. If you have never experienced rolling the dice to win, you have been missing out. Change that with us!