Bet on the Banker, the Player, or a Tie

Baccarat offers a change to card game players in that it’s not a case of hands being dealt and moves then being calculated in the manner of a Poker or a Blackjack game.

2 hands will be dealt for every round of Baccarat that you play, but neither are yours nor the Dealer’s. They are called Punto, which means Player, and Banco, which means Bank, but these are just the names given to the hands.

You will be placing a bet at the beginning of a Baccarat game on which of these hands you think will defeat the other, or whether they will Tie.

How the Score is Totalled

There are 2 cards in each hand, and the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are worth 0 points. The remaining cards’ points are their face value. In order to calculate which hand has won, the cards are added together, and if a value of 10 or higher is reached, it gets dropped. For example, if a 4 and a 7 are dealt, the total for this hand will be 1, not 11.

If the Player hand’s value is less than 6 points, another card will be given. If it is more than 7 the hand will stand.

There are certain situations in which the Banker hand receives an additional card, but the rules governing this action are slightly more complicated, and so we have made it possible for you to play without having to untangle all the details! Cabaret Club Casino will automatically enforce these rules when needed, so you can simply enjoy the fun and relax with this classic casino game.

The point-goal in Baccarat is 9, and a hand reaching this will instantly be declared the winner, so keep an eye out for this magic number!

Bringing Home Big Wins with Baccarat

If you have made the correct guess on the Punto or Banco hand your payout will be totalled at 1:1, or 1:1 with a commission of 5% removed, respectively. Try to predict a Tie, however, since this will see the odds increase to 8:1! The house edge on this is also big, however, and will see 14.1% of your takings given to the casino.

Bet and Win with Online Baccarat

As you can see, anyone in New Zealand and beyond can play online Baccarat. The rules are very simple, the action is white-hot, and there are some whopping wins to be made if you have luck on your side.

Baccarat has been a top choice for the rich and famous for many years, and the rest of us are now readily able to experience the real money entertainment and thrills it provides. Take your place at the virtual table and you might be rubbing shoulders with the high rollers sooner than you think.

Get into the game at Cabaret Club Casino now, and enjoy online Baccarat at its absolute best!