Spin the Wheel On the Go

The wheel and betting tracks can give the impression that playing mobile Roulette is a complicated process. First impressions are not always correct, and that’s the case here. It’s challenging, but not complicated.

All you can do is place a bet, and hope it matches the wheel pocket in which the ball will land. Place Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, and other outside bets for an almost 50-50 chance to double your money. If you really want to experience the intensity that made it one of the most famous casino games, place inside bets on specific numbers.

A click or tap of the play button will spin the wheel. When the ball has stopped bouncing around, and the wheel is at rest, the outcome of your bet will be announced.


Amazing Range of Games

The Roulette wheel and original rules that were developed more than 300 years ago are the foundation for many different variations. Play the best of them at our casino using your smartphone or tablet.

The popular European version gives you classic betting options on a wheel with a single 0, which means better winning chances. The French version offers classic, call, and neighbour bets on a single 0-wheel. The American version’s additional 00 wheel-pocket means you get a far more challenging game, as well as a few interesting betting options. Microgaming has also used the 3 basic variations as the basis for features-rich editions that combine elements of various casino games. You can also enjoy Live Casino games with us, and you’ll also find Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker that can be enjoyed on the go.

The Quality You Deserve

Enjoy the quality gaming you deserve with us. When you play mobile Roulette, slots or any other options at Cabaret Club, you do so securely, and in style.

We have taken every step to ensure that everything from the sign-up process to playing games, and from making deposits to claiming bonuses, or finding customer service, is smooth, simple, and safe. No matter which of the titles in our collection get you playing, you know you’re enjoying the best graphics and smoothest play available. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up at our casino and get the action going!