A Family of Card Games

There is no one game simply called Poker. Instead, it’s the name of a family of card games based on 3- or 5-card draws, in which a player’s hand needs to outrank all others to win.

When you play it at our mobile casino, you get to play it with a slight twist. Most of our games are single-player in that you usually only need to beat the dealer. In many variations that use the 3-card draw, you can either raise or fold once you have your cards.

Casino games based on the 5-card draw, of which Hold’em is arguably the most famous, you are usually dealt 2 cards after your ante bet. Community cards are dealt to the table, and this may happen in various stages. You can then use your cards as well as those on the table to form the strongest hand you can.

Favourite Poker Variations

Being powered by Microgaming means Cabaret Club boasts a variety of Poker games, including the most popular variations in the world. Our live casino also features Evolution Gaming tables run by real dealers with whom you can play via live streaming, and along with Poker there is also Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat on offer.

Of all variations, Texas Hold’em is one of the most widely-played. After the initial 2-card deal, it sees community cards dealt in stages called the Flop, the Turn, and the River, and you have chances to place bets in each stage.

Casino Hold’em and Caribbean Stud are also 5-card mobile Poker games. The first sees all community cards dealt in one swoop after the initial deal, and the second deals you a 5-card hand, and gives you the option of raising or folding.

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