Playing the Game

Before Blackjack became known by that name because of a bonus payout for an Ace and Jack of clubs, it was, and in some places still is, known as 21. The old name refers to the maximum number of points needed to win.

After placing a bet at our mobile casino, you will receive 2 cards face up. Depending on whether the European or American rules are in play, the dealer will receive 1 or 2 cards. Either way, only 1 is visible during play. If you were dealt a hand worth 21, it will win automatically. If not, you get to decide what to do with your cards.

This can involve hitting to get another card, doubling your bet and taking another card, or splitting your hand and taking new cards to form new hands to play separately. You also have the option of standing on what you got, and seeing if that is enough to beat our cutting-edge casino games software.

Blackjack’s Famous Generosity

The famous generosity of Blackjack is anything but fabled. Not only does it let you use strategy to enjoy better chances of winning every round, it also offers great payouts.

If you win with less than the maximum number of points, but more than what the dealer scored, you are paid 1:1. However, if you were dealt a natural 21, you are paid 3:2. If you want to enjoy chances of even bigger wins, you can find editions of Blackjack, as well as mobile Roulette and other games that offer side bets, chances to win progressive jackpots, and much more.

Play Securely Online

There is no end to the possibilities available at Cabaret Club. In addition to top casino games that offer 21 as it is played in the world’s most prestigious gaming destinations, you can also play it with charming dealers in our live casino. Poker, Roulette and Baccarat sit alongside 21, and deliver premium playing experiences every time.

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