Understanding Video Poker

Video Poker is quite unique among the games that we think of quintessentially casino, in that it was created quite recently. In the 1970s the games were introduced to land-based casinos, and soon became a huge hit wherever they were available. They spread like wildfire, and when casinos went online in the 1990s they were a natural fit.

In Video Poker, your objective is always to form the hand that you can with the cards that you are dealt, according to standard Poker rankings. You can bet up to 5 coins, and once you’ve done that you’ll be dealt 5 cards from a single deck.

You can’t do anything with the cards that you’re dealt, but you can make decisions once they are lined up in front of you. Unlike Poker card games, Video Poker has a single round and you only have one chance to make your moves.

You get to exchange any cards that you wish to, and get new ones dealt from the same pack. You can discard and replace as many as 5 cards or as few as 1, or even keep the hand exactly as it is, but you have to do it all at once.


Fast, Fun Game Play

When you’ve made the exchanges that you want to make and are ready to Stand, the round is over and you are paid out according to what you bet initially and what is in your final hand. Over time, with Video Poker being as popular as it is, several different versions of the game have been created. You can play a lot of them with us at Cabaret Club, including Aces and Eights, Aces and Faces, All Aces Poker and Bonus Poker Deluxe.

Strategy charts are available for each Video Poker variation, showing you exactly what to do for every possible combination of cards you are dealt. These are very helpful, especially in the beginning as you get to know the game. After you feel more familiar, you won’t need to use them as much.


A Perfect Blend of Game Elements

Video Poker brings immediate action, similar to what is seen in slots games, together with a little of the strategy and thinking that a Poker game demands. This heady combination gets the adrenaline racing and the mind working, and is what has won Video Poker games so many fans in casinos across the globe. Players in Ireland are in for a treat when they play with us, as we offer the full package!

You can enjoy the pleasures of Video Poker simply for what they are, or play as a way to get used to the hand rankings of Poker before attempting the more complex table card games. Whatever you want from your time with Video Poker games, what you definitely want is to be playing them with us!

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