The Way Slots Work

When slots machines were first invented at the start of the 20th century, they involved moving reels that spun when a lever was pulled. The reels had small, simple pictures on them and when they came to a stop, if the pictures were lined up in specific consecutive orders along pre-set patterns known as paylines, players would get paid out a multiple of whatever they had bet in the first place.

The principles of slots games haven’t changed, but they are executed very differently today. Land-based casinos use animations on screens for all the action now, as online and mobile casinos have, of course, always done. Random Number Generators are used to ensure that every spin is completely fair, so you have the same chances of winning every time.

Over the years, different types of slots games have developed. None is better than the others; they’re different, and better suited to different occasions. You can enjoy superb examples of all of them at Cabaret Club Casino, and including them all will make your experience that much richer.

Quintessential Classic Slots

Classic slots are similar to the original slot machines in their design; they feature 3 reels and minimal paylines, and have very simple graphics with reel icons that are inspired by the old games. Expect bells, fruit, bars and red 7s, with few extra features. They tend not to pay out very often, but to lavish spectacular rewards on lucky players when they do.

If you’re new to online slots games the classics are a great place to start, and when you’ve been playing for a while you’ll appreciate the slightly slower pace that these games allow. Try Couch Potato, Fantastic 7s and the other classic slots at Cabaret Club Casino to see what we mean.

Vibrant Video Slots

While all online slots, and most land-based slots, are technically video slots these days, the term is reserved for the more detailed games that first used video animation. They’re much more intense than classic slots, with 5 reels and many more paylines. They also all have a central theme, which is carried through in the background graphics, sound effects, music and reel icons, which really do transport you to different worlds.

The themes in video slots range from blockbuster movies like Bridesmaids to clever plays on words such as Bar Bar Black Sheep. The only limitation is what the creative minds of Microgaming’s developers can come up with! Video slots also come with many more special features than classic slots do and tend to pay out in frequent, small amounts, so are perfect when you have limited time and can’t wait for a classic slot win – or when you want to be totally engaged and immersed!

Phenomenal Progressive Jackpot Slots

When you want the chance to win gob-smacking, life-changing amounts of money, Progressive Jackpots are what you want. They can be attached to classic or video slots, and run alongside as the games play out as normal. They’re triggered at random or when the reel symbols line up in a certain way, and when that happens the progressive jackpot is paid out or you’re taken to a new side game that you have to complete to get the jackpot.

These progressive rewards are added to with a portion of every bet made by every player on the progressive network, so they grow massive within a very short time frame. The possibility that this could happen at any time makes the games even more thrilling.

Spin the reels of the best slots in Ireland at Cabaret Club Casino now and get winning!