Keno’s Rich History

A famous general from China, Cheung Leung, takes the credit for having brought Keno into existence. He used the first 120 characters of the Thousand Characters poem, which was used when teaching children the standard Chinese alphabet. He was looking for a way to raise the money he needed for his battles, and it was found that Keno was an excellent way of doing that. In fact, when the game was introduced in 200 BC, it did so well that Leung had money left over after he used what he needed to for his army. The armed forces he commanded saved the Han Dynasty, and the legend goes that the money raised from Keno also went towards erecting the Great Wall of China.

Playing Keno Online at Cabaret Club

Keno games are a perfect fit even for total newcomers, especially here at the classy Cabaret Club Casino! Nowadays players make their picks from a pool of 80 numbers rather than 120 Chinese characters, and, with payouts as high as 95% on our site, you can be sure the games are worth your attention.

Once you have selected the numbers for your ticket, Random Generators determine which ones will win in the same way that they would be selected at a game in a land-based venue.

You will be paid out in relation to the selected number as they match those which you decided on before the game began, with your bet taken into account as well in order to tally up the final total.

Quick Keno Tips

Keno is under the full control of Lady Luck, and the excitement of waiting to see if she smiles on you is where the fun is. If you manage to win you can look forward to an amazing payout, but make sure you keep your wits about you!

Decide how much you are going to spend with Keno games, stick to the limit you have set, and don’t ever start chasing losses. As you gain experience in these games here at Cabaret Club Casino, whether as a warm up before you tackle more skill-based entertainment, or when you only have a couple of minutes to spare, you will get a better idea of what works for you. This will assist you in playing more instinctively, and, possibly, enjoying better winnings.

The sooner you start your Keno adventure, the quicker this process will go, so what are you waiting for? Choose your lucky numbers and spend some quality time at Cabaret Club Casino.

Enjoy the Advantages of Online Keno

There are so many advantages to playing Keno and other real money games online that it’s hard to find the space to list them all! You don’t need to drive anywhere, or race to ensure you make it before the draw, and you can take part in a game or two whenever you want, wherever you are!

Discover the thrill of online Keno at Cabaret Club Casino and join other players in Ireland in winning big, 24/7!