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Like all the rest of the great real money games available for your entertainment at Cabaret Club Casino, Microgaming has developed our Baccarat games, and you can look forward to enjoying the first-rate products this company’s reputation is built on.

The graphics are wonderful, and the software functionality has the games working so flawlessly you will be forgiven for thinking that you are at a real table in a land-based casino, no matter where you may be logging in from!

The Basics of Baccarat Explained

Baccarat is a distinctive card game; you will not be dealt your own hand the way you would in Poker or Blackjack. There are 2 hands dealt in each round of Baccarat, but neither is actually yours or the Dealers. They are called the Punto, or Player, and the Banco, or Banker hands, but these are just the labels they have been given.

You will be trying to guess which hand will win, not playing either of them. Before the cards get revealed, you will be required to make your bet on either the Punto hand winning, or the Banco hand being successful, or that the 2 hands will Tie. Each hand will be made up of 2 cards, with the royal cards and A’s worth 0 and all others taken at their face value.

Determining Hand Totals

The calculation of the value of the hands has the cards being added together, and the unit value of 10 falling away. This means that, for example, a 4 and a 7 will make up a hand valued at 1, not 11. If the Punto hand total is less than 6 it will receive another card, and if it is above 7 it will stand.

There are also situations in which the Banco hand will receive an additional card, but the rules regarding this are a little more complicated. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about them! We remember them for you, and will adjust play to suit them as required.

A hand equalling 9 is the highest that Baccarat allows, and it will immediately win.

Terrific Payouts for Baccarat

If you have made a wager that turns out to be correct, on either the Punto or Banco hand, you will be paid out at 1:1, or 1:1 minus 5% respectively. If you staked on a Tie occurring to these odds, jump up to an amazing return of 8:1, but the house’s edge also increases, sitting at 14.1%.

If you are feeling particularly lucky, then you should certainly try out this high-risk game that offers such incredible returns.

Experience is the Best Teacher

As you work your way through Baccarat games you will find your betting strategy formulating, and the winnings increasing exponentially. Cabaret Club Casino cordially invites you to make a bet, and find out which result is revealed!

Signing up for a real money account is very easy, and you can look forward to state-of-the-art gameplay, wonderful winnings, and so much more every time you pay us a visit!