What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive Jackpots are featured on normally functioning games. They don’t interfere with the usual gameplay, but they can be triggered at any time, which adds a new layer of excitement to proceedings.The Jackpots in question at Cabaret Club are added to by every bet that is placed on games that are on the Microgaming Progressive Network, which covers many online casinos and makes for huge rewards. When they’re paid out, they reset to 0 or to their minimum amount, and start to build back up again immediately.

The payouts on a Progressive Jackpot are much bigger than anything you could find on a standalone machine and while they can exist in land-based casinos, these don’t hold a candle to what the Progressive Jackpots at Cabaret Club can offer you. Players lucky enough to win these incredible rewards describe them, in a word, as life changing!

What Kinds of Games Feature Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive Jackpots are most commonly associated with Slots games, and it’s true that at Cabaret Club, most of the games with these accumulative prizes are Video Slots. It is, however, possible to run a Progressive Jackpot on several other types of games. These are not seen nearly as regularly as Progressive Jackpots Slots, but they’re just as thrilling.At Cabaret Club we’re able to offer Progressive Jackpots on Poker, Roulette and Video Poker games as well as on several high-quality Slots games. Decide what you’re in the mood for, and then whether you’re in the mood for a Progressive Jackpot possibility or not. It’s all about giving you more options.

Requirements for Progressive Jackpots

To qualify for a Progressive Jackpot reward, you usually need to wager the maximum amount that is possible. The Jackpots can be randomly triggered and then awarded, provided you have bet the highest amount, or can take you to a new screen to play a side game.If a side game is triggered, you’ll need to perform certain tasks before you get paid out. There may even be levels to the Jackpot Bonus Round, awarding you an ever-greater Progressive Jackpot amount as you progress further along.

Whether you need to complete side games before you get your Progressive Jackpot win or not, the thrill when you realise that you’ve triggered these incredible rewards is the same. Play our Progressive Jackpot games today and stand a chance to experience winning big yourself!