Video Poker Basics

In Video Poker, 5 playing cards are dealt to you and will appear on your screen after you’ve placed your wager of up to 5 coins. The goal is to create the best hand that you can, according to standard Poker rankings.Once you’ve seen your cards you can choose to Stand immediately, or to exchange as many as you want to in a single move as you try to better your hand. The second combination of cards is your final hand, and it’s what you’ll get paid out on.

Video Poker Variations

The original Video Poker game was Jacks or Better, and that game is still very popular today. However, video Poker was such a global hit that many different versions of the game have arisen over time, and we offer more than 35 to you at Cabaret Club! Start off with Jacks or Better, and then when you’re familiar with the basics you can explore all the other options and find the ones that you like best. They all have subtle differences, and playing the different variations will keep playing fresh, make you more alert and increase your understanding of each of them.

Practice for Poker

Video Poker, especially at Cabaret Club, is hugely entertaining in its own right, but as a blend of the elements of chance and immediate action seen in Slots and the strategic thinking in Poker, it’s considered a good way to start getting familiar with the card game. If you’re playing quite a few different versions, with rules that are similar to the variations in Poker card game rules, this is especially true.Whatever you’re playing Video Poker for, and whichever version you’re playing, you’re in for huge fun and rewards if you’re doing it at Cabaret Club! Start exploring Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces or any of our other many variations.