Classic Slots

Classic online Slots games are as close to the first land-based machines as possible, often featuring the same simple numbers, fruit and other symbols on the reels with authentic real-life sound effects in the background.There are usually only a few possible paylines on a Classic Slots game, and while you do see 5-reel variations there are usually only 3 reels to spin. Their simple and uncluttered design makes them perfect for new players who are still getting used to how Slots games work, and for seasoned purists who just want to appreciate the simplicity of spinning the reels.The especially high payouts on Classic Slots will keep everyone else happy too! Look out for Couch Potato, Fantastic 7s and many more high-quality titles.

Video Slots

Video Slots tend to be a lot more detailed than Classic Slots, with central themes that are carried through in the symbols on the reels, the other graphics and the sound effects. You’ll be transported to the worlds of blockbuster franchises such as Tomb Raider, laugh at wacky themes like Couch Potato and enjoy everything in between! Special Features and Bonus Rounds that are triggered as the game unfolds are also based on the central idea, and will make things even more fun and rewarding.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Our Progressive Jackpot Slots work the same way as our other Slots games do, and are superbly entertaining, but they add something extra too. A portion of every bet on the Progressive network is added to a central pot in these games, and this is then triggered at random when a certain pattern of symbols falls into place. Payouts are much larger than what a standalone game would be able to give you, and add an extra layer of thrills to Fruit Fiesta, Lotsaloot, Cash Splash and the other fantastic Progressive Jackpot Slots at Cabaret Club. Spin them today!