A Stylish Game with Top-Class Graphics

Based on the classic European version of the game, European Roulette Gold is one of those rare online casino games that is as entertaining as it is rewarding. With a betting limit starting at 3 coins and going all the way up to 300, the game is ideal for novice players and high rollers alike. European Roulette Gold’s setup features a full Roulette table layout with the Roulette wheel on the left of the screen. In this online Roulette game, Microgaming have included a separate window displaying a zoomed in area on the Roulette wheel where the ball lands.

The game also features a window displaying the last 10 winning numbers, as well as the current bet in play. This helps you keep track of how much is being bet on each round. European Roulette Gold combines this all into one impressive looking package that is easy-to-use and really does feel like the real thing. To get the game started, you simply click on the virtual casino chips located on the bottom of the screen and place them on the demarcated betting areas on the Roulette table.


Betting Options for Beginners

If you are familiar with classic European Roulette, you will know that there are plenty of betting options available that cater to every preference. For anyone just starting out, the easiest bet to place in online Roulette is an even money bet. There are three even money bets to choose from; namely red/black bets, odd/even bets and high/low bets. With red/black bets, you need to decide if the ball will drop onto a red number or a black number and the same goes for odd/evens and high or low bets.


Advanced Roulette Bets

If you are looking for a slightly bigger payout, European Roulette Gold has plenty to offer! A good stepping-stone to the higher bets is the “thirds” bet. This is where the numbers are split into three sections of 12 numbers, and you’ll have to choose which section you think the ball will land in. A correct bet will pay out 2:1. Roulette is also one of those online casino games where players can take a large risk for a much bigger payout, so risk really does equal reward!


Going Big with European Roulette Gold

The biggest payout in online Roulette comes from a single number bet. You can choose any number on the wheel including the 0 for a payout of 36:1! With European Roulette Gold, it is also possible to place multiple bets on single numbers, red/black, odd/even or any combination of them all.

Get ready for the online Roulette experience of a lifetime! Cabaret Club Casino brings tantalising European Roulette Gold games straight to your desktop or mobile device and offers enhanced entertainment with every spin of the iconic red and black wheel!