Basic Principles of Roulette

The point of Roulette is to spin the wheel and then drop a ball onto it, betting on where the ball will be when the wheel comes to rest. The wheels always have panels numbered 1 to 36, and are alternately coloured red and black. In the European and French versions of the game, there’s also a single green panel numbered 0. In American Roulette there’s an extra green panel, labelled 00.You can place all kinds of different bets, and in general the more specific they get the higher the odds and the higher the payouts. It all depends how much risk you want to take, and how much reward you want to play for!There are even-money Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1st 18/2nd 18 Bets, as well as bets on ranges of numbers that the ball will land in. You can also place Neighbour Bets on the panels that will flank the one that the ball actually lands in, or bet on the specific number that the ball lands in, among others. You’ll love getting to know them all as you play more and your insight into the game develops.

Roulette Options at Cabaret Club

With one less panel, the odds on European and French Roulette are a little more in your favour than those on American Roulette games. That’s why we always suggest that new players try the American games after they’ve practiced on the others, and you can enjoy superb versions of them all at Cabaret Club! We also recommend starting with the even-money bets before going on to something more exotic.

There are other variations of the game to explore too, including one from Microgaming’s Gold series that comes loaded with extra features to help you develop your strategy and insight into the game – and ultimately, of course, your winnings! You’ll be able to check hot and cold numbers, your personal game history and general game statistics, as well as being able to set the speed of play to help you win some of the huge potential payouts that are available on all the Roulette games at Cabaret Club. Start exploring your different options today.