The Basics of Craps

Craps might even have been used by Roman soldiers to pass the time on the road between battles, but all modern games take place on a specially designed table. Our beautifully executed versions show all the features of a real-life table, and are divided into the same different areas. The basic point of the game is to bet on where 2 dice will land on the table when they’re thrown.Each round of a Craps game has a Come Out Phase and a Point Phase, and you’ll need to bet on both. All of the table’s different areas represent different bets that can be placed, easily creating the more than 40 outcomes that are possible in the game. The middle of the table is reserved for the more exotic Proposition Bets, while the left and right are for the Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come and Odds Bets.


The Strategy in Craps

The important thing to remember when you’re playing Craps is that it is, strictly, a game of chance. Build that into the way you play, and don’t let yourself get too carried away in chasing your losses or trying to recoup them. Remember, playing is more enjoyable if you keep your finances in the black and keep yourself out of trouble!The more you play the game of Craps the more you’ll develop an intuition for the game and will know what feels right, but to start off with it’s a good idea to establish a basic pattern of raising bets when you’re winning and lowering bets when you’re losing.

Don’t quit directly after a win, and place the Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come line wagers to begin with. They always offer a 50-50 chance of doubling up, and they have a low house edge. After you’ve placed a Line Bet, you’re allowed to put money on an Odds Bet, which has an even smaller house edge.The other bets in Craps have much higher odds, but they’re also really exciting and interesting to play. Get into the truly fascinating world of Craps betting possibilities with us today!