The Basics of Blackjack

In Blackjack, after you’ve placed your bet you are given 2 cards, as is the Dealer. You can see both of yours, of course, as well as the single face-up card in the Dealer’s hand. Number cards carry their face value, royal cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 11 or 1 depending on what is more beneficial to the hand.Based only on the cards in your hand and the Dealer’s face-up card, you need to decide what you want to do next. The blend of strategy and chance in Blackjack is irresistible to players, especially when they’re enjoying them with the high-quality graphics and functionality that the games at Cabaret Club all feature.

You can Split if you have a Pair, or 2 cards of the same value, and divide your cards into 2 new hands of 1. You’ll get a new card for each of your new hands. You can also Double Down, doubling your bet and getting dealt a new card, or just Hit and get dealt an extra card. When you’re happy with your hand, you can finish your turn and Stand.The different versions of the game all have slightly different rules, and you may not be able to make all the usual moves or might have a few extras that you can try out. There are also different rules about when the Dealer hand has to get more cards. Playing every variation will make you enjoy and understand all of them, so have fun discovering them all with us!


Blackjack Payouts

Once the Blackjack round is over, your hand is compared to the Dealer’s. You’re paid out 1:1 if both totals are below 21 but yours is higher, or if your hand total is below 21 and the Dealer’s is above. If you get Blackjack, or precisely 21, you get a massive 3:2 return. It’s well worth trying for, and the gameplay to get there is hugely enjoyable, so start learning and perfecting your strategy with us today!