At Cabaret Club Casino you will find a vast variety of slots that will suit every Canadian player’s preferences. If you’re just starting out at playing slots, you will love our classic 3-reel slots. There are many players who consider themselves to be purists; lovers of classic Slots. These players generally gravitate towards classic 3-reel slots too. For the more experienced or more adventurous player, there are Video Slots games.

Players are even able to engage in our slots tournaments, which take all of the excitement of slots to an exciting and competitive level. Video Slots are jam-packed with special features and animations. These Slots make you feel as if you are immersed in a cinematic experience, with all of the thrills that are usually only experienced when going to the movies. Video Slots are next-level entertainment at Cabaret Club Casino.



No online casino would be complete without the old classic: Blackjack. Widely regarded as one of the most popular casino card games of all times, Blackjack at Cabaret Club Casino is like having the thrills of Las Vegas right where you are. Blackjack at Cabaret Club is all about the incredible rewards and vast betting options. The top of the range graphics makes playing Blackjack as exciting an experience as if you were in fact in Vegas itself.

Video Poker

Video Poker is the perfect marriage between luck and skill, a trait shared with traditional Poker that is played at traditional Poker tables. The versions of Video Poker available at Cabaret Club correspond with the different versions of Poker, enabling players who have never played traditional Poker before to better prepare themselves to start playing one of the most iconic casino games of all time.

Cabaret Club offers more than just the standard two Video Poker varieties that are usually found at online casinos. In itself, Video Poker offers many rewards and the advantages of playing extend well beyond merely learning how to play Poker or polishing up on existing Poker skills.



The award-winning mobile software at Cabaret Club Casino truly brings the Roulette wheel to life. Whether you’re into classic Roulette or whether you have honed your skills and have developed intricate strategies for more complex ways of playing, you will find what’s right for you at Cabaret Club Casino.

Simple as well as the more challenging games each present with their own unique rewards, and they’re all waiting for you right here.


Craps is the story about two dice and many bets. It is a classic game of betting and one that is favoured by many. It takes time to perfect all of the different bets in the game of Craps but time is no issue at Cabaret Club because players have the luxury of taking their games along with them wherever they go. The Random Number Generator ensures that its fair play for all at Cabaret Club Casino, so get rolling.



The classic lottery game of Keno comes to life at Cabaret Club Casino! This simple instant win game provides thrill-a-minute action with every card played.


Baccarat is all about learning to play under pressure. There’s no better place to learn the ropes than at Cabaret Club Casino. Bet on the Banker, Player or a Tie and see what the cards reveal.


Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot slots are the next generation’s way of doing Slots, in the present. The collective prize pool is made possible by the games being connected to a central network. Every once in a while a lucky player walks away with a fortune, having won all of the money in the collective prize pot!

For sizzling mobile casino action and entertainment, sign up at Cabaret Club Casino and play Canada’s favourite games on the go!