Progressive Jackpots Explained

Progressive Jackpot games have the same look and feel as everyday casino games. The difference being that the Progressive Jackpot feature will be running in the background all the time whilst the game is in play. The most popular Progressive jackpot games are slots, but you also get Progressive jackpots in table games and Video Poker too!

All Progressive Jackpot games featured in Cabaret Club Casino’s vast portfolio are interconnected via the Microgaming Progressive Network system. What this means is that every time a game is played on any of the different titles connected via the network, a portion of the bets placed is allocated towards a common pot. Best of all is that the common pot doesn’t only consist of bets placed at Cabaret Club Casino, but is accumulated from all bets placed on the Microgaming Progressive Network, which includes a multitude of other online casinos too. The result is that the prize pool grows at a tremendous rate.

The total amount up for a win increases in increments as players engage on any of the various slots or other games on the network. The interesting bit is that Progressive Jackpot games will always display the size of the accumulated jackpot at any given time. This adds a very exciting element to playing and makes that big win all the more tantalising. These Progressive Jackpot meters are large, brightly coloured and well lit, providing all of the bells and whistles and chimes that turns the winning moment into a true extravaganza!

As soon as a lucky player strikes gold and wins the Progressive Jackpot, the running total is reset back to zero or a pre-determined sum, and the accumulation process starts all over again, waiting to bestow good fortune on yet another lucky player.


Incredible Progressive Jackpot Games

When playing games that include the Progressive Jackpot feature, it is oftentimes the case that players will bemoan the fact that the feature seems to be limited to Video Slots. Here at Cabaret Club Casino, every effort has been made to include a range of other favourites too, such as Poker and Roulette. Classic Slots have also been converted to include the Progressive Jackpot functionality, making it possible to strike it rich on the old fruities too!


Qualifying For A Win

Players must keep in mind that, not unlike certain bonuses on conventional slots, Progressive Jackpots are generally only available to those players playing at maximum bet capacity. Progressive Jackpots are randomly triggered and will only pay out in the event that the game is being played at maximum bet size.

At times, Progressive Jackpots will instantly pay out, but at other times players will be re-routed to what is generally referred to as a side-game. In the event that a side-game is triggered and comes into play, players will first have to complete the side game, which will often include levels that must be navigated successfully, before the Progressive Jackpot will pay out. This makes it all the more fun when it does!

Progressive Jackpot bonus rounds also serve to grow the total of the payout even more as players make their way through the different bonus stages. Whatever the total tally of the lucky dice that Lady Luck decides to throw your way, Progressive Jackpots at Cabaret Casino Club are a thousand thrills a minute!

Signing up at Cabaret Club Casino in Canada is easy, and requires little to no effort, setting you well on your way towards winning a life changing sum!