Classically Classy Classic Slots

Classic Slots remind strongly of the initial creation by the father of the slot machine, Charles Fey. The very lure of the classic slot game is in the simplicity of its premise. Classic Slots generally include the usual culprits; fruit, lucky number 7’s and Bonus symbols. Many players prefer classic slots due to their ease of play and lack of distractions, allowing for more focus on winning the game. The simple demeanour of classic Slots is very helpful when new players are trying to find their gaming feat.

What’s more, classic slots tend to offer larger payouts than their all-bells-and-whistles counterparts. Favourite classic Slots at Cabaret Club Casino include Fantastic 7’s and Couch Potato, and they are ready for you to play.


Thrilling Video Slots

Video Slots are Classic Slots on steroids. These slots are more detailed than Classic Slots, incorporating animations and cinematic effects and qualities. The themes are elaborate and contemporary. Many blockbuster brands such as Tomb Raider and Game of Thrones have their very own Video Slot games.

Special features and bonus rounds are not only rewarding, but also visually stimulating and engaging.

What better way to win pots full of money than whilst having fun? Video Slots are all about keeping the entertainment coming and they really deliver a million thrills a minute. Everything moves, bangs, explodes or careens over the screen. No winning combination is complete without the popping of the proverbial cork and each win is celebrated in a truly royal and extravagant fashion.

The Video Slots selection at Cabaret Club Casino ensures that you never have a dull moment.

Top Tier Progressive Jackpot Slots

If Video Slots are Slots on steroids, then Progressive Jackpot slots are the cherries on top of the second layer of cream on the cake. Not only do they come with the full spectrum of entertainment offered by Video Slots; they also make it possible to win big. Really big.

The concept is a simple one: Progressive Jackpot slots are inter-connected to a network of other games in the same series of slot games. A portion of every bet made on any of the games connected to the participating network is added to a centralised common pot. Every once in a while a very lucky break will come around for a fortunate player when the symbols fall in just the right manner to trigger the progressive jackpot payout.

Progressive Jackpot slots may not pay out every second day, but when they do, they pay out handsomely. They are, after all, the result of many contributions from an entire array of contributing Slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots are a popular instalment at Cabaret Club Casino. You simply never know when you’re going to hit the big one and when you do, the result can be life-changing indeed!