Blackjack: The Bottomline

The basic fundamentals of this casino game are simple. The player places a bet, and is dealt a pair of cards by the dealer. The player is able to view the cards that have been dealt. One of the dealer’s cards are dealt face-up, the other is concealed. Each card represents a numerical value. Face cards all count as 10, whilst all other cards, with the exception of the Ace card, are taken at actual value. The Ace passes as 1 or as 11; whichever suits the player’s hand best.

The true unknown element is the value of the second card that has been dealt to the dealer, the one of which the value has not yet been revealed. This is where the aspect of strategy comes into play. It is, after all, the combination of sheer luck and cunning strategy that makes Blackjack such a popular game.

The player isn’t without options, either. At this point, cards may be split in the event that a Pair has been dealt; the two cards now forming a starting point for two new hands of cards. In the event that the player is of the opinion that a better card may be waiting in the shoe, there’s always the option of doubling down and receiving an altogether different card. Doubling down comes at a price, though. The player will be required to double up on the bet when opting to double down.

Hitting is the most common option of all, in which case the dealer will simply deal an additional card. The player will at this point exercise the prerogative to either request another hit, or opt to stand, depending of course on what the proximity of the value of the current hand of cards is to 21.

The different variations of play will also determine at which point the dealer is compelled to draw an additional card, or is allowed to play it safe and stay. As far as the dealer goes, staying isn’t always the safer option, as sometimes it creates a massive window of opportunity for players to get much closer to 21 than what the dealer did.

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Playing to Win with Online Blackjack

Once the round is over and all players are happy that no more hits are required, the comparing games begin. Players’ hands are individually compared to that of the dealer. If the player’s hand is better than the dealer’s, but still under the total of 21, the player will receive a 1:1 win ratio. A Blackjack score (21) pays out at a much higher ratio of 3:2.

Enjoy Online Blackjack Now

The only way to truly improve one’s strategy is to keep playing! The more time spent playing the game of Blackjack, the more the player becomes familiar with the rules as well as which strategies work and which don’t.

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