Mastering The Basics of Baccarat Online

Baccarat differs slightly from popular dealer-player card games like Blackjack or Poker in that your cards aren’t really your own. 2 hands of cards are dealt to the Banker and the Player, after which a wager is placed on which hand the player considers to be the winning hand. The bet is placed before the values of the cards are revealed.

Bets may be placed on either of the two hands, alternatively on the chance that the 2 hands will end in a tie. Each hand of cards consists of 2 cards, with royal cards all constituting a value of zero, and other cards being valued at their face value.

In order to determine what the value of the two cards are, the totals are added together. The 10’s unit in the total are always dropped, i.e. if a number 5 and number 6 are drawn, the total will either be 1, and not 11. If the grand tally between the two totals equals to less than 6, then the rules stipulate that a third card must be drawn. Adversely, any hand above 7 stands.

Payouts And Strategies

A correct guess as to which hand wins, will award a 1:1 payout to the player. Correctly predicting a Tie pays out at an incredible ratio of 8:1. The house edge here is relatively high at 14.1%, so this type of bet is only for the very courageous.

The key is to play consistently. This way, you will soon learn what works best in terms of strategy and bet types.

Despite the fact that a basic strategy may be developed, this is largely tied to personal playing preference. Baccarat is mainly a game of pure luck. This is because of the fact that all bets are placed before any of the values of the cards have been revealed. This is what makes Baccarat completely different from games like Blackjack, and just as exciting!

Many players do however report that playing varying bets are useful. Mixing it up as far as the size of bets are concerned often yields positive results in any game of chance. This greatly aids in minimizing losses and yielding wins, more often than not.

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